Testing is broken up into 2 parts. Pre Season Testing and Mid Season Testing.

Pre Season Testing

Pre Season Testing takes place after all entries have been completed, but before the first race of the season. Before the first Pre Season Test, Team Bosses are asked to decide on which Testing Area's they wish to develop during each day of testing. These areas can be either Engine testing, which improves Engine Power but degrades Reliability. Reliability Testing, which reduces unreliability, or Tyre testing, which improves the performance of the tyres. Development Points are gained according to what position the drivers finished in the test, with double points for any rookie drivers. These Development Points are then added to the Testing Area specified by the Team Boss before the test.

Mid Season Testing

Mid Season Testing takes place at specific points during the season in between races. It works in much the same way as Pre Season Testing except that Team Bosses decide their Testing Area's at the Grand Prix before the test.

Test Drivers

In both forms of testing, a dedicated Test Driver can replace one of the teams Race Drivers if one is employed by the team.

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