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Technologies are add on's that teams running in FF1M can develop for their cars. These can provide teams with extra horsepower, grip, data, development points, EXP etc. Some technologies can also increase or decrease a teams reliability.

Researching and Developing Technologies

Teams in FF1M may select one technology at a time to Research. Once selected each technology will take between 10 and 70 sessions to be Researched. Once a technology has been Researched it is automatically added to the car, and its positives and negatives are added to the cars performance.

Once a technology has been researched it may be developed during testing according to each Technologies characteristics.

Current Technologies

Engine Mapping - Qualifying

This new technology will allow V8 teams extra BHP in Qualifying. It'll start at 20BHP upon succesful research and then up to 50BHP from development in testing.

Engine Mapping - Race

This new technology allows V8 teams extra reliability in the Race. It'll start at 1000 pts reliability, but can be increased to 2500 through testing. All teams including Turbo teams have a minimum reliability of 2000 however.

Own Engine

Adds a minimum 100 BHP to Qualifying engine power. Team Bosses can then choose to add up to 200BHP to their Race Power, in exchange for lowering reliability significantly by a factor of 200. A turbo level of over 100 BHP is also applied in qualifying.

Testing Effect

For every 2DP the reliability factor is reduced by 1%.

F Duct

Adds 20 BHP to the car, but reduces grip by 200


Reduces grip reduction by 1 for every 10 DP


Increases grip by 200.


For every 100 development points the grip increase will increase by 200


Drivers receive double EXP in testing.

Own Car

Allows you to build your own car and allows Aerodynamic testing.


Aerodynamic testing increases grip. 1DP increases grip by 1 up to a limit of 1000. If a team reaches 1000 then all teams are halved at the start of the following season.


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) doubles the amount of grip earned through testing, but only if you have Own Car as well.

Soft Tyre

Soft Tyres increase qualifying grip but have reduced grip in the race

Front Bridge Wing

Adds a small amount of downforce

Vented Nosecone

Reduces drag, adds a small amount of BHP

Sidepod Mounted Mirrors

Adds a small amount of downforce

Engine Cover Shark Fin

Adds a small amount of downforce but also adds drag (and therefore reduces BHP). The Drag can be reduced through testing.

Aerodynamic Wheel Covers

Adds a small amount of downforce.


Adds alot of BHP but is very unreliable. Reliability can be improved through testing

Banned Technologies

The AFIA reserve the right to ban certain technologies at the beginning of a season.

Two Way Telemetry

Improves a teams reliability by 2000


Improves reliability by 1 for every DP earned whilst testing.

Young Driver Programme

Having a Young Driver Programme allows teams to choose a driver currently in FF3M to join the team as their 4th driver. This driver will earn EXP from FF3M and also be able to take part in FF1M testing (but can only do YDP testing). The driver will be tied to the team (and any related FF2M team) for free until they are either promoted to the FF1M race team or reach 25 years of age at which point they will be a free agent. Teams can however buy a driver out of his YDP contract for a fee agreed with the owner team.


Only Young Driver Programme drivers can do YDP testing, and in doing so they receive triple EXP points.

Testing Report

Team Boss receives a report showing results of testing and affect on the teams car. Cannot be tested.

Launch Control

Add's 10 BHP to the race pace of the car, but also adds unreliability.


Improves Reliability

Traction Control

Increases grip by 200, but also decreases engine power by 10.


Reduces Engine Power reduction by 1 for every 10DP.

Mass Damper

Increases grip by 300