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Super Alex were a team that competed during the Masters era of FF1M. They entered three seasons between 1992 and 1994, and nearly caused one of the biggest shocks in FF1M history when David Coulthard almost pinched the drivers championship.

FF1M History


Super Alex's first season was 1992 when they replaced the departing Aracing. They had a preference for things Japanese with the Footwork chassis, Honda engines, and Takuma Sato as their lead driver. Their first points came in round 8, where their second driver David Coulthard took 6th place. Four more points finishes put them 9th in the constructors championship ahead of the established Willow Images and Ajay.


The line-up was almost identical for the following season save for the departure of Honda and the arrival of their subdivision, Mugen. Their stable approach to the regulations and driver market allowed Takuma Sato to take a very commendable 5th place at the first race in South Africa, which he then followed up with an 8th in Brazil.

David Coulthard however, would go quite a few better than that. Despite retiring from the first three races of the season, Coulthard took Super Alex's first ever podium finish at Imola, which was then followed by another 2nd at Barcelona. At the British GP at Silverstone, he took yet another 2nd in front of his home crowd. After this race, DC amassed 28 points, at this point, 22 behind championship leader Fernando Alonso.

Drivers Championship with six races to go

Positions Driver Constructor Points Wins
1st Fernando Alonso Maestro Motorsport 50 3
2nd Lewis Hamilton Maestro Motorsport 38 1
3rd Ayrton Senna Gui Racing 32 1
4th Alain Prost J Racing 30 1
5th David Coulthard Super Alex 28 0

Although Super Alex's qualifying wasn't particularly spectacular, they made up for that in race pace, and in Monza and Suzuka, Coulthard took two unbelievable wins, both from outside the top ten on the grid. Thanks to some sloppy performances from championship leader Alonso, Coulthard arrived into the final race just one point behind the Spaniard. One more good race could give Super Alex an unlikely and sensational first championship.

Drivers Championship with one race to go

Position Driver Constructor Points Wins
1st Fernando Alonso Maestro Motorsport 62 3
2nd David Coulthard Super Alex 61 2
3rd Ayrton Senna Gui Racing 55 2

Unfortunately for Coulthard, he qualified way down in 20th place for the final race of the season, and retired during the race, ending Super Alex's hopes of the drivers championship. Nevertheless, it had been a brilliant season which netted the team 5th in the constructors championship, only nine points behind 2nd placed Gui Racing.


A lot had changed for the 1994 season as both Coulthard and Mugen left the team to join FJR. In their places were Martin Brundle and works Ford engines. Unfortunately, their season was an unmitigated disaster with just one point from the whole season, which came at the Italian GP courtesy of Takuma Sato. By the start of the following season, Super Alex were no more.

Results and Statistics

Year Chassis-Engine Ch. Pos Races Points Wins Drivers Ch. Pos Races Points Wins
Season 5 Footwork-Honda 9th 16 9 22px-Flag of Japan.svg-1-.png Takuma Sato 17th 16 3
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png David Coulthard 16th 16 6
Season 6 Footwork-Mugen 5th 16 78 2 22px-Flag of Japan.svg-1-.png Takuma Sato 14th 16 17
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png David Coulthard 3rd 16 61 2
Season 7 Footwork-Ford 11th 16 1 22px-Flag of Japan.svg-1-.png Takuma Sato 20th 16 1
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Martin Brundle 21st 16 0