SF1 Racing is a German Racing Team which started in FF1m and FF2m in 2007 and 2008. During the Time in the FF2m they Chanced the Team names very often. They made it to 4 FF1m Races in 2007. In Monza Rubens Barrichello scored the First and Only Point in the History of SF1 Racing until now. The 2008 Season was very Disappointing when Kovalainen and Barrichello only started in Canada. They Pulled out of the Sport in 2009. During the Grand Prix Weekend of Nurburgring, Germany they Announced to Return in 2010 with the Name SF1 Germany. The New Main Investor is the German Football Team FC Schalke 04. During the 2009 Season they entered the FF2m Championship with Giedo van der Garde and Diego Nunes as their Drivers. Nunes was dropped after the Belgian Grand Prix. After losing a Sponsorship, they now plan to Return to FF1m in 2011. They finished in a disappointing Second Last(10th) Place with 30 Points and zero Victories in the 2010 FF2M Season. Davide Rigon raced during the Italian Grand Prix.

In the 1988 Classic Season Alain Prost won the San Marino GP(Round 2) and made SF1 Germany a winning team! In Monaco he retired by Accident while leading the Race. In Detroit Prost took the first Pole in history for the Germans. He retired again in the Race by Accident and the Championship battle was over for the team.

Poles: 1

Wins: 1

Podiums: 1

Points: 16


1988: Alain Prost, Alex Caffi - 1 Pole, 1 Win, 15 Points, currently 6 Races

2007: Rubens Barrichello, David Couthard/Giancarlo Fisichella  - 1 Point, 4 Race

2008: Rubens Barichello/Heikki Kovalainen - 0 Points, 1 Race

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