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Pre Season is the first part of any FF1M Season. It is where the entry list is finalised and Pre Season Testing commences before the first race of the season.

FF1M Entry Period

The FF1M Entry Period is the first part of Pre Season. It is where a Team Boss must sign his or her Driver, Engine and Tyre contracts and finalise their teams entry into FF1M for that season.

At the start of the entry period, several tables are posted, The Driver Market Table, The Engine Market Table, The Tyre Market Table, The Finances Table and The Entry Table.

The Driver Market Table

The Engine Market Table

The Tyre Market Table

The Finances Table

The Entry Table

Pre Season Testing

See Main Article: Testing

FF2M Entry Period

During Pre Season Testing, The FF2M Entry Period begins. This is where FF2M Teams make their entries for the season. This period works in much the same way as the FF1M Entry Period however as Tyres and Engines are standardised in FF2M, they are not purchased during this period.