Ajay Motorsports
are a team in FF1M. They are run by AFIA boss Ajayrious and take part in FF1M whenever there is a space left unfilled at the end of a Pre Season Entry Period. As Ajayrious runs the AFIA and therefore FF1M, he will usually wait until all other teams have made their Driver and Engine choices before announcing those of Ajay Motorsports in order to ensure that the series is run fairly. As a result of this Ajay Motorsports usually occupies the back part of the grid and employs drivers that most other teams would usually avoid. There was however one exception to this when in 1996, the team was able to employ Damon Hill (who would later win the FF1M Drivers Championship for Gui Racing in 1997), as he had not been chosen by any of the other teams. It was in this season that Ajay Motorsports recorded their first win and highest ever championship finish of 4th.



Michael Pedersen driving for Ajay in AF1RL

Ajay Motorsports first competed in FF1M in the 1989 FF1M Season after Jordan pulled out of the series. They competed until the end of the 1997 FF1M Season when a full grid meant that their participation was no longer required. However they returned to FF1M a season later after J Racing pulled out of the series.

Other Series


Ajay Motorsports won the BATRacer GP2 championship on their 2nd attempt

Ajay Motorsports competed in all but one seasons of AF1RL running with Toyota engines and starting one hundred and forty five races, winning fifteen of them and clinching the Constructors Championship twice. Andrew Jones drove for the team for all of its spell in AF1RL. In the first two seasons his team-mate was Toosh, but thereafter he was replaced by Michael Pedersen for the remainder of the teams life in AF1RL.

The team has also taken part in BATracer championships. They began in British Touring Cars with drivers Andrew Jones and Jake Ellis where they finished as Runners Up thanks to a late charge by Yarrack Racing who won the title. The team then moved to GP2 where they spent a painful first season without scoring a point. In their second season however they won the Teams Championship with drivers Andrew Jones, Craig Nayler and Michael Frijlink. Nayler and Frijink also won the Drivers Championship that season, which was shared due to the way BATracer works. Ajay Motorsports are now taking a break from BATracer over Christmas before deciding whether to continue in GP2 or a move to Formula 3.

Complete Results


Year Engine Ch. Pos Races Points Wins Drivers Ch. Pos Races Points Wins
1989 Renault 11th 16 1 David Coulthard 19th 16 1
Giancarlo Fisichella 22nd 16 0
1990 Honda 10th 17 5 David Coulthard 16th 17 4
Martin Brundle 19th 17 1
1991 Toyota 11th 17 3 Neel Jani 23rd 17 0
Gianmaria Bruni 22nd 10 1
Andreas Zuber 20th 7 2
1992 Hart (Works) 11th 16 2 Rubens Barrichello 20th 16 0
Martin Brundle 18th 16 2
1993 Ford 11th 16 6 Gerhard Berger 20th 16 5
Rubens Barrichello 22bd 16 1
1994 Ford (Works) 10th 16 2 Mika Salo 19th 16 2
Rubens Barrichello 22nd 16 0
1995 Ford (Works) 10th 17 2 Ukyo Katayama 22nd 17 0
Jan Magnussen 19th 17 2
1996 Ford (Works) 4th 16 85 2 Damon Hill 3rd 16 64 2
Olivier Panis 11th 16 21
1997 Mugen Honda 10th 17 4 Cristiano Da Matta 18th 17 4
Ricardo Zonta 23rd 15 0
Juan Pablo Montoya 24th 2 0
1999 Supertec 7th 17 24 Olivier Panis 16th 14 7
Justin Wilson 14th 3 10
Alex Yoong 22nd 14 1
Ricardo Zonta 18th 3 6
2001 Asiatech (Turbo) 10th 17 17 Jacques Villeneuve 16th 17 13
Mika Hakkinen 18th 17 4
2002 BMW (Turbo) 6th 16 44 1 Jacques Villeneuve 9th 16 36 1
David Coulthard 15th 16 8
2006 Toyota V8 14th 0*1 0 Juan Pablo Montoya 29th 0 0
Jacques Villeneuve 28th 0 0
Giorgio Pantano N/A 0 0
2007 Ajay V10 14th 4*2 1 Nick Heidfeld 29th 2 0
Nelson Piquet Jnr 23rd 2 1
Narain Karthikeyan 30th 2 0
Heikki Kovalainen 25th 4*3 0
2008 Ajay V10 12th 2*4 0 Nick Heidfeld 24th 2 0
Takuma Sato 27th 2 0
2009 Ajay V10 9th 15*5 24 Fernando Alonso 18th 15*6 10
Adam Carroll 29th 0*6 0
Christian Klien 12th 15 14
2011 Mugen Honda 8th 17 35 Heikki Kovalainen 12th 17 21
Timo Glock 15th 17 14
2012 Cosworth (C) Mark Webber
Jenson Button

*1 - Failed to qualify for all races

*2 - Failed to qualify for 13 races

*3 - Drove 2 races for Mitchell

*4 - Failed to qualify for 15 races

*5 - Failed to qualify for 3 races

*6 - Fernando Alonso was replaced by Adam Carroll for the Japanese GP. Ajay then failed to qualify for that race.

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