Race Highlights

The 1998 British Grand Prix was the ninth round in the 1998 FF1M Season. It was posted on 6th September 2009 and took place at the Silverstone circuit. The race was won by Juan Pablo Montoya and was the first win for Mason Motorsport in FF1M.


Alex Wurz got a clean getaway from pole position and held the lead from Juan Pablo Montoya and Jean Alesi, with Jos Verstappen moving ahead of Olivier Panis for 4th place. Before the cars even reached the first corner, there was an incident involving a Schumacher. Ralf was sent airbourne by a fast-starting Rubens Barrichello after the Brazilian swerved to avoid a sluggish Allan McNish, leaving Ralf to hit the right-rear wheel of Barrichello and sending the German pointing towards the sky. The Gui Racing driver landed back to earth and in 17th position.

Wurz maintained the lead at the end of the first lap, but he was holding up Montoya and Alesi, so Montoya tried a move on Wurz at Club, but he tagged the Jracing car sending them both wide and nearly gifting Alesi the lead of the race, but the Frenchman was too far back to capitalize on both drivers, so he slotted into 2nd place ahead of Montoya.

Barrichello was beginning to make his way through the field, taking 8th place off Mark Blundell at the start of lap 3. Michael Schumacher was also making progress at the expense of Marc Gene going into the Abbey chicane to take 5th from the Spaniard.

Alesi tried to grab the lead off Wurz around the outside into Stowe, but left the door open for Montoya. He punished Alesi for leaving the door open to move into 2nd place on lap 4. Montoya wasn’t finished however, as he snatched the lead from Wurz going into the Abbey chicane. At the same corner, Michael Schumacher tried to take 4th from Verstappen, but couldn’t quite manage it.

Alesi tried to overtake Wurz going into Stowe again, but the Austrian braved it out round the outside, but it was at club where Alesi outbraked Wurz to finally overtake the Jracing car. At Abbey, it was 2nd time lucky for Schumacher as he overtook Verstappen to move into 4th place.

Unseen by the camera’s, Barrichello passed Panis for 7th, Gene for 6th, and at the beginning of lap 8, the Brazilian moved past Verstappen to move up into 5th place.

There were some other battles down the field as the AquinoPlus of Fisichella powered his way past Blundell, who had dropped way down the order. Mika Hakkinen was challenging Olivier Panis for 9th place, when it went wrong at Club corner. He hit the back of the Frenchman, sending Mika spinning wildly in front of Damon Hill. Amazingly, he continued without even losing a position.

Michael Schumacher powered past Wurz on lap 10 to move into 3rd place. The customer Ford engine’s power deficiency may have been an advantage in a wet qualifying session, but in a dry race, it was obvious to see the power difference as he lost 4th to Barrichello on lap 12. But worse than the lack of power was his retirement on lap 15 due to an issue with the suspension.

A massive queue was forming behind Jos Verstappen in 5th place with a train of cars such as Gene, Panis and Hakkinen wanting to get past. It was the Finn that was on the move, overtaking Panis into the Abbey chicane on lap 15, and then repeating the move on Gene two laps later. However, when Hakkinen tried to overtake Verstappen into Club, the Dutchman moved across the Finn causing Hakkinen to lock his wheels, spin and cause a minor traffic jam that involved Gene and Panis. Ironically, the main beneficiary was Verstappen’s teammate Allan McNish who moved into 6th place as a result.

Verstappen did a really good job of being a roadblock as he refused to let David Coulthard through, and then put up a fight against Ralf Schumacher. The German eventually passed Jos going into the Club corner.

It was an early end to the British Grand Prix for Eddie Irvine as he retired with an engine failure whilst running 10th. Johnny Herbert capped off a disappointing weekend for VTR as he retired from 11th with a puncture.

Rubens Barrichello hadn’t finished his fightback as he muscled past his teammate for 6th at the Abbey chicane. Also on the move was Mika Hakkinen, who had a terrific battle with McNish. Hakkinen looked to have the move completed at Club, but Allan held on around the outside. The Finn tried again at Abbey, and still Allan held on but a cautious exit from the Scot allowed Hakkinen up into 10th place.

Just as Ralf Schumacher made his only stop of the race just past half-distance, Alesi finally overtook Verstappen to move up into 3rd place. After the pit stop sequence, Montoya held onto the lead from Michael Schumacher, but only just.

Michael tried to wrestle the lead away from Montoya at the inside of Stowe, but Montoya hung on with the skin of his teeth to keep the lead. This was the moment when Montoya was assured of victory as he took the chequered flag to take Mason’s first FF1M victory in their first season. Schumacher held onto 2nd and completing the podium was Ralf Schumacher.

Barrichello, Alesi, and Verstappen completed the top six. Jacques Villeneuve took 7th for Pedersen, while home hero Hill lost 8th place in the dying stages with a puncture. The other Mason of David Coulthard inherited the final point, making it a good weekend for Jamie Mason.



Race Starting Grid                              
                            Britain - Silverstone 1998                          
                                     (60 Laps)                                  
        Pole                1                                                   
                     Alexander Wurz                                             
                       1m 21.554s                    2                          
                                            Juan-Pablo Montoya                  
        Row 2               3                   1m 21.625s                      
                       Jean Alesi                                               
                       1m 21.827s                    4                          
                                               Olivier Panis                    
        Row 3               5                   1m 22.145s                      
                     Jos Verstappen                                             
                       1m 22.231s                    6                          
                                                 Marc Gene                      
        Row 4               7                   1m 22.736s                      
                     David Coulthard                                            
                       1m 22.791s                    8                          
                                            Michael Schumacher                  
        Row 5               9                   1m 22.913s                      
                      Allan McNish                                              
                       1m 23.002s                   10                          
                                               Mark Blundell                    
        Row 6              11                   1m 24.019s                      
                      Eddie Irvine                                              
                       1m 32.685s                   12                          
                                              Ralf Schumacher                   
        Row 7              13                   1m 33.311s                      
                   Rubens Barrichello                                           
                       1m 33.342s                   14                          
                                                Damon Hill                      
        Row 8              15                   1m 33.846s                      
                     Johnny Herbert                                             
                       1m 34.838s                   16                          
                                           Giancarlo Fisichella                 
        Row 9              17                   1m 35.054s                      
                      Mika Hakkinen                                             
                       1m 35.108s                   18                          
                                                 Mika Salo                      
        Row 10             19                   1m 35.641s                      
                      Jan Magnussen                                             
                       1m 36.371s                   20                          
                                                Kenny Brack                     
        Row 11             21                   1m 36.905s                      
                     Bruno Junqueira                                            
                       1m 37.047s                   22                          
                                            Jacques Villeneuve                  
                                                1m 45.149s


Race Results                                 
                            Britain - Silverstone 1998                          
                                     (60 Laps)                                  
                Pos   Driver                       Time/Speed                   
                1st   Juan-Pablo Montoya       1h 23m 03.228s                   
                      Mason Mspt-Mercedes                                       
                2nd   Michael Schumacher              +1.144s                   
                3rd   Ralf Schumacher                +20.062s                   
                      Gui Racing-Ford                                           
                4th   Rubens Barrichello             +21.664s                   
                5th   Jean Alesi                     +30.015s                   
                      Gui Racing-Ford                                           
                6th   Jos Verstappen                 +36.869s                   
                7th   Jacques Villeneuve             +39.119s                   
                8th   David Coulthard                +54.142s                   
                      Mason Mspt-Mercedes                                       
                9th   Allan McNish                +1m 15.673s                   
               10th   Olivier Panis               +1m 21.062s                   
                      J Racing-Ford                                             
               11th   Giancarlo Fisichella             -1 Lap                   
               12th   Marc Gene                        -1 Lap                   
                      Maestro Mspt-Peugeot                                      
               13th   Mark Blundell                    -1 Lap                   
                      Dark Wolf-Mugen                                           
               14th   Jan Magnussen                    -1 Lap                   
                      Dark Wolf-Mugen                                           
               15th   Damon Hill                      -4 Laps                   
                      Willow Image-Ferrari                                      
               16th   Mika Hakkinen                   -4 Laps                   
               17th   Johnny Herbert                 Puncture                   
               18th   Bruno Junqueira                  Engine                   
                      Maestro Mspt-Peugeot                                      
               19th   Eddie Irvine                     Engine                   
               20th   Mika Salo                    Suspension                   
               21st   Alexander Wurz               Suspension                   
                      J Racing-Ford                                             
               22nd   Kenny Brack                  Electrical                   
                      Willow Image-Ferrari

Fastest Laps

Driver Best Laps                               
                            Britain - Silverstone 1998                          
                                     (60 Laps)                                  
                Pos   Driver                         Best Lap                   
                1st   Michael Schumacher           1m 20.977s                   
                2nd   Rubens Barrichello              +0.006s                   
                3rd   Juan-Pablo Montoya              +0.189s                   
                      Mason Mspt-Mercedes                                       
                4th   Ralf Schumacher                 +0.189s                   
                      Gui Racing-Ford                                           
                5th   Mika Hakkinen                   +0.229s                   
                6th   Damon Hill                      +0.300s                   
                      Willow Image-Ferrari                                      
                7th   Jacques Villeneuve              +0.419s                   
                8th   Jean Alesi                      +0.489s                   
                      Gui Racing-Ford                                           
                9th   Jos Verstappen                  +0.556s                   
               10th   David Coulthard                 +0.687s                   
                      Mason Mspt-Mercedes                                       
               11th   Johnny Herbert                  +0.929s                   
               12th   Allan McNish                    +0.969s                   
               13th   Eddie Irvine                    +1.023s                   
               14th   Olivier Panis                   +1.145s                   
                      J Racing-Ford                                             
               15th   Marc Gene                       +1.399s                   
                      Maestro Mspt-Peugeot                                      
               16th   Giancarlo Fisichella            +1.434s                   
               17th   Alexander Wurz                  +1.538s                   
                      J Racing-Ford                                             
               18th   Mark Blundell                   +1.644s                   
                      Dark Wolf-Mugen                                           
               19th   Mika Salo                       +1.731s                   
               20th   Jan Magnussen                   +1.921s                   
                      Dark Wolf-Mugen                                           
               21st   Bruno Junqueira                 +2.208s                   
                      Maestro Mspt-Peugeot                                      
               22nd   Kenny Brack                     +3.194s                   
                      Willow Image-Ferrari
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