1997 FF1M-3000 Season

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The 1997 FF1M-3000 Season was the inaugaural season of FF1M-3000, now called FF2M, the leading feeder series to FF1M. The Drivers Championship was won by Juan Pablo Montoya with a race to spare whilst SAP Team Black won the Teams Championship in their one and only FF1M-3000 campaign before merging with Team Yellow who finished 3rd.

Juan Pablo Montoya did not take part in the final race of the season as the championship was already won and he was rewarded with a drive in the Ajay Motorsports FF1M team.

Teams and Drivers

For the first season of FF1M-3000 all teams were run by the AFIA. They were given colours as names which also became their liveries. Over the season they picked up sponsorship which in some cases was added to the name of the team.

Entry List

Entrant Team Engine Tyre No. Race Drivers
KFC Team Red Red Mugen Bridgestone 1 Norberto Fontana
2 Pedro Lamy
Visit Britain Team Blue Blue Mugen Bridgestone 3 Oliver Gavin
4 Nicola Larini
Jamie Davies
Deutche Post Team Yellow Yellow Mugen Bridgestone 5 Heinz Harald Frentzen
6 Jorg Muller
Square Enix Team Green Green Mugen Bridgestone 7 Jean Christophe Boullion
8 Vincenzo Sospiri
Eurosport Team Orange Orange Mugen Bridgestone 9 Juan Pablo Montoya
Nick Heidfeld
10 Shinji Nakano
SAP Team Black Black Mugen Bridgestone 11 Alessandro Zanardi
12 Ralf Schumacher
PIAA Team White White Mugen Bridgestone 14 Ukyo Katayama
Kenny Brack
15 Jarno Trulli
Purple Team Red Bull Purple Mugen Bridgestone 16 Pedro Diniz
17 Tom Kristensson
Ann Summers Team Pink Pink Mugen Bridgestone 18 Gianni Morbidelli
19 Esterban Tuerro
Team Grey Gray Mugen Bridgestone 20 Ricardo Rossett
21 Gaston Mazzacane
Krispy Kreme Team Stripes Stripes Mugen Bridgestone 22 Tarso Marques
23 Marc Goosens

Results and Standings

Championship Standings


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