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The 1991 FF1M Season will be the seventh Classic FF1M Season. It is due to take place during the 2015 FF1M Season winter break.


The 1991 FF1M Season will feature 10 Rounds from the 1991 Formula One World Championship.

At the start of the season team owners will have 50 credits only to choose their 2 race drivers from a list of drivers that were available for selection in the F1 Season of that year. They will also have to use this money to purchase an Engine from that year. Teams will retain the chassis contructor from the 1990 season, however a new constructor, Blaze, based on the Jordan team will be available should a team wish to change.

Team principals will be able to develop their cars through two quizzes based on the 1991 Formula One World Championship, one before the season starts and another in the middle of the season.


As in the 1991 Formula One World Championship, a change to the points system for the 1991 season will see the winning driver now awarded 10 points instead of 9 as previously. More significantly, points from all races would now count towards the championship, instead of only each driver's best eight results as was the case in the 1990 season.

Teams and Drivers

Season Calendar

A calendar is to be announced prior to the season comprising ten rounds chosen from the sixteen round 1991 F1 Season. As in the previous two seasons, priority will be given to venues and layouts which do not form part of the main FF1M championship.

Results and Standings

Grands Prix

Championship Positions