The 1950 FF1M Season, comprising of one race, the 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, was the first chronological race of FF1M and will be the 250th FF1M Race to be run. It will take place following the 2002 Canadian Grand Prix.

Teams and Drivers

Provisional Entry List

Team Car Tyre No. Race Drivers Test Driver/s
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Exolite Ferrari P 3 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Peter Whitehead
4 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Yves Giraud Cabantous
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- FJR Cooper D 5 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Louis Rosier
6 22px-Flag of None.svg-1- Prince Bira
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Mitchell Maserati P 7 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Guiseppe Farina
8 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Robert Manzon
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Dark Wolf Ferrari P 9 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Alberto Ascari
10 22px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1- Louis Chiron
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Tornado Gordini E 11 22px-Flag of Argentina.svg-1- Juan Manuel Fangio
12 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Reg Parnell
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Dodgem Retro Maserati P 19 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Raymond Sommer
20 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Felice Benetto
22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Talbot Lago D 21 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Pierre Levegh
22 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Maurice Trintignant
22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Maserati P 23 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Phillippe Etancelin
24 20px-Flag of Switzerland.svg-1- Toni Branca
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Andy Racing Alfa Romeo P 25 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Luigi Fagioli
26 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Piero Taruffi
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Shannon Alfa Romeo P 27 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Dorino Serafini
28 22px-Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Johnny Claes
22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1- Ajay Motorsports Ferrari P 31 22px-Flag of Italy.svg-1- Luigi Villoresi
32 22px-Flag of France.svg-1- Eugene Chaboud

Results and Standings


                               Race Starting Grid                              
                         United Kingdom - Silverstone                       
                                    (60 Laps)                                  
       Pole                1                                                   
                     Luigi Fagioli                                             
                      1m 05.898s                    2                          
                                             Guiseppe Farina                   
       Row 2               3                   1m 05.936s                      
                    Alberto Ascari                                             
                      1m 06.329s                    4                          
                                              Piero Taruffi                    
       Row 3               5                   1m 06.407s                      
                     Louis Chiron                                              
                      1m 06.519s                    6                          
                                             Luigi Villoresi                   
       Row 4               7                   1m 06.645s                      
                  Juan-Manuel Fangio                                           
                      1m 06.771s                    8                          
                                             Peter Whitehead                   
       Row 5               9                   1m 06.882s                      
                     Louis Rosier                                              
                      1m 07.333s                   10                          
                                          Yves-Giraud Cabantous                
       Row 6              11                   1m 07.573s                      
                      Reg Parnell                                              
                      1m 07.648s                   12                          
                                             Felice Bonetto                    
       Row 7              13                   1m 08.033s                      
                    Eugene Chaboud                                             
                      1m 08.084s                   14                          
                                                 B. Bira                       
       Row 8              15                   1m 08.113s                      
                  Phillippe Etancelin                                          
                      1m 08.153s                   16                          
                                               Toni Branca                     
       Row 9              17                   1m 08.192s                      
                    Raymond Sommer                                             
                      1m 08.202s                   18                          
                                             Dorino Serafini                   
       Row 10             19                   1m 08.219s                      
                     Johnny Claes                                              
                      1m 08.295s                   20                          
                                              Robert Manzon                    
       Row 11             21                   1m 08.688s                      
                  Maurice Trintignant                                          
                      1m 08.837s                   22                          
                                              Pierre Levegh                    
                                               1m 10.255s


                                  Race Results                                 
                         United Kingdom - Silverstone                       
                                    (60 Laps)                                  
               Pos   Driver                       Time/Speed                   
               1st   Luigi Fagioli            1h 08m 56.999s                   
                     Andy Racing-Alfa                                          
               2nd   Piero Taruffi                   +0.322s                   
                     Andy Racing-Alfa                                          
               3rd   Guiseppe Farina                 +0.845s                   
               4th   Alberto Ascari                  +6.734s                   
                     Dark Wolf-Ferrari                                         
               5th   Juan-Manuel Fangio             +35.804s                   
               6th   Yves-Giraud Cabantous          +55.318s                   
               7th   Peter Whitehead             +1m 00.024s                   
               8th   Reg Parnell                      -1 Lap                   
               9th   Louis Rosier                     -1 Lap                   
              10th   Dorino Serafini                  -1 Lap                   
                     Shannon-Alfa Romeo                                        
              11th   Robert Manzon                    -1 Lap                   
              12th   Toni Branca                      -1 Lap                   
              13th   Raymond Sommer                   -1 Lap                   
                     Dodgem Retro-Maserati                                     
              14th   B. Bira                         -2 Laps                   
              15th   Johnny Claes                    -2 Laps                   
                     Shannon-Alfa Romeo                                        
              16th   Eugene Chaboud                  -2 Laps                   
              17th   Maurice Trintignant             -2 Laps                   
              18th   Pierre Levegh                   -2 Laps                   
              19th   Luigi Villoresi                  Engine                   
              20th   Phillippe Etancelin          Water Leak                   
              21st   Felice Bonetto               Suspension                   
                     Dodgem Retro-Maserati                                     
              22nd   Louis Chiron                     Engine                   
                     Dark Wolf-Ferrari
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